>     What is Kovanaze?

Kovanaze is the first no-needle anesthetic administered via nasal spray approved by FDA, and it offers patients an efficient and safe, needle-free alternative to anesthetize teeth 4-13 in adults and A-J in children who weigh 40 kg or more.

Kovanaze is a significant development for dental practitioners. For more than 100 years, dental anesthesia has been delivered through needle injections. We are excited to offer a needle-free method for providing local anesthesia for restorative dental procedures

>     Is it safe?

As with any new drug, practitioners are concerned about safety and efficacy.

The FDA approval process for Kovanazewhich extensively examined both safety and effectiveness of Kovanaze in clinical trials, helped us address these concerns.

The well-established safety profiles of tetracaine and oxymetazoline (the active ingredients in Kovanaze), along with their decades of use in the marketplace, helped assure dental professionals and patients of Kovanaze’s safety.

The oxymetazoline (the active ingredient in Afrin and other nasal decongestant sprays) was added to Kovanaze to slow systemic absorption of the tetracaine and improve the duration of action. Absorption of drugs through the nasal mucosa to achieve the desired effect has long been established in medical procedures. The nares are highly vascularized so that most drugs can be absorbed rapidly and distributed systemically.